From Obese to Healthy


It must be the same for every man, you get to about 30 years old and suddenly your waist expands, the hedonistic lifestyle of debauchery you know and love can no longer be tolerated: your body just isn't anywhere near as efficient as it used to be in burning calories because your metabolism has slowed down.

No matter how active you are, if you don't watch what you eat and how much you eat, you WILL put weight on.

This happened to me, my 28" inch waist grew to 34" and then larger and before I knew it I was classed as obese :/ I couldn't go on like this, feeling ashamed that belly was protruding so prominently it made me look pregnant, this isn't the way I'm supposed to look!

I was depressed, anxious to get rid of the flab but how could I do it and quickly?

The answer was DIET! Exercise wouldn't really help me, it was regulation of food. I reduced my intake of food and switched my diet to natural whole foods instead of fried takeaways and snacks. Home cooked food, especially cold food seemed to do the trick, I lost 3 stones in 2 months!! I was winning again.

My body mass index went from 30.7 slap bang in the middle of the obese range to 23.9 3/4 of the way in the healthy range. Once I started exercise and continued my diet my weight dropped even further but it took longer this time as once you get below a certain percentage of body fat (physiologically independent) the body reacts more slowly to losing weight, presumably because you are no longer in a dangerous condition which could cause health problems or impede normal physical activity.

In 2017 I am glad to say my body-fat has reduced to a level which provides a lot more visible muscle definition allowing me to pinpoint areas for improvement. BMI calculators now consider me obese again because instead of flab, I put 2 stones of pure muscle on my frame and muscle is heavier than fat.

The moral of the story is it's your duty to stop being a lazy fat idle slob and start losing some weight. If I can do it so can you! Remember, you only live once, so why not enjoy looking in the mirror?