Italian Meatballs


Made with fresh farm sourced low fat beef mince and tasty Italian chopped tomatoes, this dish tastes great!

20mins prep time
2hrs cook time
5-10 servings

‣ 2kg of farm bought lean beef mince
‣ 1 x 500g bag of frozen mixed peppers
‣ 2 x tins of chopped Italian tomatoes
‣ 2 x large tins of new potatoes
‣ 1 x mug of water
‣ Extra virgin olive oil
‣ 3 tablespoons of liquidized garlic
‣ 10 crushed black pepper corns
‣ 3 table spoons of smoked paprika
‣ 2 tablespoons of Piri Piri flakes (optional)
‣ 1/2 a handful of sea salt
‣ 1 table spoon of cayenne pepper (optional)
‣ 2 table spoons of basil
‣ 2 teaspoons of tarragon

Put the beef into a bowl and add all the spices listed and then knead the beef till all the spices have been blended in fully. Make large meatballs that are one portion each. I got 10 out of the 2kg of beef.
Put some olive oil (1/2 inch) deep into a large cooking pot and put on a high heat.
Pour the 2 tins of tomatoes into a medium sized pan and put on a low-medium heat. Again put the same spices in at the same quantity and mix into the chopped tomatoes.
As the olive oil becomes hot and before it starts smoking, add all the meatballs then go back to the sauce and add the beaker of water to it and stir it in well.
Now back to the large pot and keep an eye on the meatballs by lifting one up and seeing if it has browned, all we want to do is brown them a little and seal the meat. When the meatballs have browned on one side, flip them all and repeat. Once the meatballs have been browned on both sides open and empty the whole bag of peppers onto the meatballs and gently stir them in so they are evenly distributed. The peppers can be frozen or fresh, it doesn't matter. Once the peppers are slightly soft take the cooking pot off the stove to the sink and carefully pour out half the olive oil. Now turn the heat down to minimum where the big cooking pot was. Put the pot back on the stove and add the sauce, don't wait for the ring/zone to cool down to minimum, you want it hot and to gradually reduce in temperature.
Next, quickly drain the 2 large tins of new potatoes and mix them into the big pot with all the ingredients. Put the lid on the big pot and leave it for 1/2 an hour to 3/4 of an hour, stirring occasionally.

Enjoy your good quality home cooked Italian style meatballs.