Processed Food


It would take a monumentally sized article to cover specific foods as there are just too many out there so we'll keep it simple.

The clue is in the name, processed foods are often very high in sugar and salt and contain all sorts of preservatives and colours which attempt to make the food look and taste palatable. Don't be fooled by these convenient foods, they are detrimental to your health, even when consumed in small quantities.

Most people who regularly consume processed foods are overweight and in bad health. High cholesterol levels increase blood pressure and can cause a variety of different effects from simply being out of breath all the time to having a heart attack or a stroke! If this sounds scary to you then well done, you were paying attention and you're now living in the real world instead of the warm fuzzy artificial reality of mainstream advertising which fills your senses with wonderful looking products, all of which are designed at the lowest legal quality possible to provide the maximum profit.

Make no mistake about it, companies don't give a damn about your health as long as you keep buying their products, only you care about your health and only you are in a position to change your habits and start eating healthily.

After years of abusing your body with toxic food it may be very difficult to stop eating them but try to abstain. The longer you stop, the less you will want to return to the world of obesity causing hydrogenated fat. Gradually as your cravings recede you will see the health benefits, suddenly you are more energetic, your muscles can work harder and you don't feel dizzy when getting up quickly.

The benefits to your health when switching from processed food to natural food are immense and you will extend your life by doing it and when in your old age the good nutrients you absorbed will have helped to fight off the early onset of disease. It may not be a cure all but it sure helps you live a better life.