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sjacks - admin
14:12 14-08-2018

Hello from Wakefield, England

I'm the owner of this website, a fitness enthusiast and web developer. It has been an interesting and sometimes difficult journey developing this website, forum and shop, similar to how difficult it is to maintain a good level of fitness! I hope you enjoy your stay here and get involved as much as possible.

Be fit, be strong and live well!

"Commander and chief of alt-fit"


from Alona3 to sjacks
21:49 14-09-2018




from Matt86 to sjacks
10:34 10-11-2018

Hi Sjacks,
You havnt posted on UKM for a while. I hope you're ok.

Websites looking radical dude.

"Be as strong as you can be always"


from sjacks to Matt86
12:44 23-02-2019

Yeah no issues. Still training :) The website here isn't working out though. I don't have the time to dedicate to making it a success, job takes priority :/

"Commander and chief of alt-fit"