Please read the important section below which explains our legal position on copyright.


At all times and with no limitations we retain full rights to the logos and images displayed on this website, this includes our clothing designs. We give our patrons permission to use these images in promotion of our website and our fitness cause, or in self promotion and personal use but this usage is restricted: you may not sell our clothing designs under any circumstances to any third party at any time and you may not profit from using our imagery without express permission from the owners of this website.


Anybody caught making profit from our designs or images without prior authorization from alt-fit will face prosecution under the copyright law, registered members caught making profit from our clothing designs will have their accounts terminated with immediate effect.


We do not claim copyright to the posts and comments made by members of this website in the case of textual or graphical information which has been created by the individual account holder, or which has been referenced from a third party resource not under our control. To further clarify, If you are a member of this website, the information you submit in the form of replies and comments remains your property but you do not have the right to claim any level of ownership to this website or the business attached to it, nor do you have the right to claim any money or rewards for your replies and comments.


‣ "profit" gain wealth in the form of money or material goods
‣ "third party" means anyone other than the owners of
‣ "website" means
‣ "we" means the website and its respective owners.
‣ "you" means anyone other than and its respective owners.
‣ "members" any patron of who has registered as a user.


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