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Our mission is to get you fit, to encourage discussion of fitness and promote health and wellbeing. Our website provides a platform for free speech where members can fully express themselves on a variety of different topics, not necessarily connected to health & fitness. We don't belive in censorship or political correctness so your words will remain visible, providing they do not conflict with our online community policy.


Our forum policy is a legal agreement between you and This legal agreement governs your use of
Please read the forum policy carefully before completing your account registration and using the forums. Your license to use and our forums contains liability disclaimers and a code of conduct we expect all our members to follow.
The forum policy shall apply to all members of alt-fit. The forum policy also applies to any alt-fit updates, products, internet-based services, and support services for our software, unless other terms accompany those items on delivery. If so, those terms apply.

License Grant

alt-fit hereby grants you a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use the website and software on your devices in accordance with our forum policy.
You are permitted to use the website and software (for example on a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet) under your control. You are responsible for ensuring your device meets the minimum requirements of the software.

Changes to Forum Policy

We may change or discontinue our forum policy at any time and without prior notice. It's up to you to check this page to make sure you are still acting in accordance with our regulations.

Online Community Policy

You are not permitted to
‣ Make death threats against an individual.
‣ Call for violence against an individual.
‣ Dox - reveal personal information about an individual.
‣ Promote or engage in self-harm.
‣ Sell illegal substances or goods.
‣ Display gore or execution imagery.
‣ Display pornographic imagery.
‣ Display animal cruelty imagery.


alt-fit will not be held liable for any damages suffered by an end user (whether registered or unregistered) when using our website and software. We make no warranty that our services will meet your requirements or be available on an uninterrupted, secure, or error-free basis. We make no warranty regarding the quality, accuracy, timeliness, truthfulness, completeness or reliability of any content on this website.
We dismiss all claims made against us including but not limited to loss of earnings, declining social reputation, loss of profit, loss of data, service interruption, computer damage or system failure or the cost of substitute services. To close, the security and error free status of internet communications is not guaranteed, alt-fit does not accept liability for errors, omissions or any other possible detrimental effects or inconvenience suffered as a result of using our website and software.
alt-fit will not get involved in buying and selling disputes: If you feel you have been treated unfairly by another member, you should contact an appropriate authority to deal with your complaint.

Intellectual Property & Ownership

alt-fit shall at all times retain ownership of this website and it's software. This website, software, copyright and intellectual property rights, including any modifications made thereto are and shall remain the sole property of alt-fit.
For copyright information see this page.


Failure to adhere to our "Online Community Policy" may result in the termination of your acccount.
All registered accounts on alt-fit operate on a 3 strike policy. If you violate our forum policy you will recieve an account strike. Once you have accumilated 3 of these, your account will be automatically terminated and all your posts and uploaded information will be removed from our website. If we believe a violation of our forum policy is severe enough your account may be terminated on the first violation.
We reserve the right to decide this.
This agreement is effective from the date of your account registration and shall continue until your account is terminated. You may terminate your own account at any time using your member page. Upon termination, the licenses granted by this agreement will immediately terminate.

Governing Law

This is the internet and no governmental or legislative body has direct authority over it.
While we do not recognize the authority of any governmental agency or legislative body to police the internet, we do require all our patrons to abide by our stated code of conduct at all times, there are no exceptions.