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Full Body Warm Up


Before training I have a shower then do a warm up which lasts about 10-15 minutes. I start with the hamstrings then quadriceps then hips, back, arms, chest, shoulders and neck.

If you have a shower in the morning as most do, make sure it is warm enough to increase blood flow throughout the body, although it is not physical exercise it is like a warm up.

My standard full body warm up before lifting

1. Bend forward keeping your back straight with no arching. Put your hands on your knees then move your torso to touch your toes without bending your legs. x100
2. Stand up straight, bend each leg backwards to 90 degrees to release tension in hamstrings x10 each leg.
3. Sit down put one leg out in front of you, bend torso till you head is resting on your thigh, hold in position by grasping underneath your knee for 10-20 secs. Do this on both legs.
4. as no 2 release tension again.
5. Stand up straight, move each leg up so that your knee almost touches your chest. x50 each leg.
6. While standing: put hands on hips, do circular rotations clockwise x50 and then counter-clockwise x 50.
7. While standing: make fists, push them into your sides, above hip joint and apply pressure. Keep legs stationary shoulder width apart and rotate torso so that one elbow from your side moves to point directly ahead, about 90 degrees. Then the other elbow, same movement. x100.
8. While standing: put your chest out, keep back fully straight, put your hands together in front of you then arc both arms backwards and above your head, clap at the top right above your head then arc back around to the front, do this 50 times.
9. Lean against something, a towel rail would be perfect. Rotate your head and let the head fall around 360 in one direction x20. Then reverse direction x20. Do not put any pressure in the movement, let gravity do most of the work.

If you did this every morning for say 10 mins after your shower it will boost your energy levels and reduce the possibility of cramps and pains throughout the day. It will also increase fitness slightly.

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