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Lean Muscle Food Recipe



This is a recipe for a healthy batch meal made for building muscle, to be eaten 2-3 times a day. This recipe will provide good quality home cooked food which will not only taste good but which will be very nutritious as well.

Chicken breasts - family pack of 5
Broccoli - 1/3 of a 1kg bag
Green beans - 1/2 of a 500g bag
New potatoes - 2 large tins
Water - 1-2 pints
Bouillon powder - 1 full desert spoon
Smoked paprika - 2 tablespoons
Cayenne Pepper - optional
Sea salt - half a handful
Black pepper - 10 peppercorns (crushed)
Liquidized garlic - 5 tablespoons

Slap it all in a pot, water should barely cover the food. Put the lid on and turn on the stove to a very low heat. Check the food after an hour by removing the lid and seeing if the chicken has been cooked all the way through. If not cooked, put lid back on and keep checking every 15 mins. The idea is to retain as many nutrients as possible by not overcooking the food. The ideal final state should be fully cooked chicken that falls apart easily with Al dente vegetables.

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by sjacks on 14-08-2018 at 21:59

Paused Bench Press
40kg x 20
60kg x 10
80kg x 5
100kg x 1
120kg x 1
130kg x 2

Flat Dumbbell Press
50kg x 4
40kg x 10
30kg x 15
20kg x 22 (drop set)

Paused Dumbbell Floor Skulls
20kg x 5
15kg x 12
10kg x 25 (drop set)

Strict Triceps Push-downs
20kg x 20
10kg x 50 (drop set)

Best triceps pump yet. Bench proves it's pointless attempting 140kg, I'll stick to lower weights and increase reps.

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