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An Overview of Diet Soft Drinks



Many people believe that drinking diet soft drinks are a healthier alternative to regular soft drinks when the opposite is true and none are healthy.
Diet drinks contain lab made chemicals which simulate sugar; some of these chemicals are dangerous and can cause obesity. Below we will explore the different types of simulated sugars in diet drinks which are consumed by billions of people every single day across the world.

It is not aspartame itself which is dangerous; it is the by-products which are generated when the substance breaks down through digestion and absorption. These by-products include phenylalanine and methanol.

Can cause mental retardation, brain damage, seizures and other negative effects as the chemical accumulates inside your body. Regular ingestion of diet drinks will dramatically increase the likelihood of suffering from these symptoms. Even though still relatively rare, it is unsurprising that there has been such a massive increase in the amount of children and adults suffering from ADD/ADHD - emotional and behavioural disorders - which can all be triggered by too much Phenylalanine in the daily diet.

Ingestion of methanol, methylated ethyl alcohol, also known commonly as white spirit being used for cleaning purposes like removing oil based paint from a brush, can cause a decreased level of consciousness and poor coordination. This somewhat offset by caffeine which is present in many soft drinks.

Acesulfame K
Acesulfame potassium (also known as acesulfame K, or ace K) is an artificial sweetener, sometimes referred to in Europe as E950. This artificial chemical has been studied and tested in mice and no detrimental effects were recorded at even high levels of dosage. This is not unequivocal evidence that Acesulfame potassium is totally safe as the longest study was conducted over only 9 months whereas regular ingestion of this artificial chemical for multiple years may cause problems.
Generally Acesulfame potassium is used as a mixer with the previously mentioned Aspartame primarily to mask bitter after tastes generated by using a singular artificial sweetener.

The most widely used artificial sweetener on the market can cause tissue inflammation in the gut through elevated pro-inflammatory gene expression in the liver. Pub Med reveals there is a need for further study as to the effect on children as blood plasma concentrations of Sucralose can pose a danger as children are smaller beings and their blood volume is lesser than an adult.

An initial study in the 70’s found that Saccharin was thought to be a carcinogen when it was linked to bladder cancer. This link was based on studies done on rats. The National Cancer Institute notes that human trials have found no such link and that the mechanism that caused bladder cancer in rats does not exist in humans. Still, the Center for Science in the Public Interest believes that saccharin is unsafe and has issued the sweetener its lowest rating of "avoid." In a 1997 press release, the CSPI acknowledged that saccharin has not been proven to cause cancer in humans, but the CSPI contends that studies that have been done on saccharin indicate that it may still present a risk.

Excess consumption of Xylitol is known to cause digestive issues like gas, bloating and diarrhoea.

At the least, all of the above artificial sweeteners are of zero value which means they do not provide any nutritional value whatsoever, also known as empty calories. At the most, they are toxic lab made chemicals which interfere with our body’s natural processes causing illness and disease.
It would be wise for anyone to avoid these chemicals and instead consume the regular drink containing real sugars, if you feel you have to drink mass produced soft drinks in the first place.

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